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Lexus Tire Pressure Light

lexus tire pressure light

Modern vehicles are stocked with monitors and technology to keep them performing as well as possible. Behind the wheel, you can easily see a ton of sensors that are installed to alert drivers of upcoming maintenance and any problems with your car. One of the indicator lights is the tire pressure light, and anytime it lights up, it signals that there is an issue somewhere in the vehicle. The most usual cause for the TPMS light is a tire that may be under-inflated. The tire pressure light can help prevent premature tread-wear and even tire failure, so be sure to monitor it. The TPMS light can also pop due to the weather because temperature changes influence the tire pressure and could make it decrease and increase.

What Does A TPMS Light Monitor?

Exactly What Does The Tire Pressure Light Track?

TPMS (or the Tire Pressure Monitoring System) tracks the air pressure in your tires. It alerts you when the air pressure dips too low and that it should be looked at. Whether you choose to stop and check your tire pressure or get the tires inspected by us is really your choice. If you see the tire pressure light up, be aware that the tires need some sort of maintenance.

Will my tire pressure change seasonally?

Why Do The Different Seasons Affect My Tire Pressure?

The tire pressure in your vehicle may get influenced by several factors like weather conditions, road conditions, and driving habits. But one of those factors could possibly cause the tire pressure to drastically fluctuate, and that’s the weather. Cold temperatures may bring a decrease in the tire pressure and it can continue to affect your tires until the temperature rises. This is mostly temporary since driving your vehicle will warm up your tires, causing the tire pressure to increase. As the temperature rises as the day goes on, the tire pressure will increase.

Why Would My Tire Pressure Sensor Fail?

Will My Tire Pressure Sensor Fail?

It could be as simple as a dying battery. When that occurs, it needs to be fixed when you notice it. If the TPMS sensor fails, you will have to watch the Tire Pressure more closely, and it might draw a bit of focus away from the driver. The TPMS sensor plays an important position in the safety of your car, and if it isn’t working, it could contribute to advance tire wear if you are not aware of the tire pressure.

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