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Why Are My Brake Pads Screeching?

why are my brake pads screeching?

On any car, problems may sometimes come out of thin air. Of course, taking your car for frequent maintenance checks might give drivers a chance to avoid future problems, but daily issues can still occur. One of the many issues might be squeaky brakes, and there are ways to avoid this, depending on if they are older or new. Brake squeaking could occur due to your driving habits or even driving conditions. Here we’ll provide a deeper breakdown of the more frequent reasons as to why your brakes are screeching, how many miles brake pads might last, and when to replace your car’s brakes.

Why Are My New Brake Pads Squealing?

Why Are My New Brake Pads Squeaking?

This may shock you, but one cause of brake screeching is that they are just too new. Your car’s brake pads may need a few more trips to the store to break in and get acclimated to your vehicle. Sometimes weather conditions may lead to a build-up of moisture covering your brake pads, and it may take some time to dry that moisture. Also, your driving can cause some brake screeching. “Riding” your brakes or late braking can cause brake noise, even if they’re brand-new. If that’s the case, attempt to brake earlier to help reduce more friction.

Using Worn Down Brakes Can Cause Brake Squealing

Screeching Brakes Can Be Caused By Worn-out Brake Pads

Old brakes are typically the reason you might hear that squeaking noise also. Over time, components on any vehicle will begin to wear down due to moisture, driving habits, rust, and if it is garaged or not. The simple solution is to get those brakes replaced with new parts. However, a shift in the way you drive could help extend the life of your brakes.

When to Change The Brake Pads?

When Should I Change My Vehicle’s Brake Pads?

The life of brakes could run for years, based on the way drivers treat the brakes. Understanding your driving habits is important, as it can help you understand when to replace the brakes. Brake pads generally last around 25,000-65,000 miles, but driving habits play such a crucial role. Riding the brakes and hard braking puts heat and pressure on the brakes and could lead to shrinking their life. If squeaking starts to occur, you should consider getting them changed and try adjusting your driving habits down the line to extend the pad’s lifespan.

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Do You Need To Change Your Brake Pads?

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