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When to Rotate Your Car Tires?

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Don’t Damage Your Tires

Is car tire rotation actually such a big deal? When it comes to increasing the lifespan of your vehicle, rotating your tires is a crucial part. The tire rotation process is a technical repositioning of your vehicle’s tires to uphold their longevity. Based on whether the vehicle is front, all, or rear-wheel drive, the tire tread will wear down at different speeds. The rotation helps evenly spread the wear on all four tires uniformly and lengthens their tread usage. If you put off having your tires rotated, it could be harder to control your car, especially on slick roads. There are also numerous tire rotation techniques to use based on the situation they are in or what’s recommended by your car’s manufacturer based on the drivetrain you have. It’s better to rotate your tires when the maker recommends it, but be sure to contact our service professionals to schedule a service appointment if you’re uncertain about your tires.

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What Happens When I Wait Too Long to Rotate My Vehicle Tires?

By steadily spreading the wear on your tread, rotating your tires can increase their lifespan. Steadily worn tires are important to the vehicle’s use. The climate where you live is one of the major reasons you should always check on your tire’s tread. Tires with low tread in slick environments could make your vehicle difficult to drive. It’s also helpful to rotate your tires because it can help save you cash and extend the life of your tires.

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Diagrams of Tire Rotation

There are many different approaches to execute tire rotations. The Rearward Cross pattern is when the rear tires are repositioned directly at the front and the front tires are switched to opposite sides in the rear. The X-Pattern rotation is where all tires are moved from front to back and vice versa and repositioned from one side of the vehicle to another. Lastly, there’s the Forward Cross technique, where the front tires are moved directly backward and the rear tires are switched forward diagonally. You should use the rotation pattern recommended for your specific vehicle or speak to our service professionals about which pattern to use.

after how many miles do you need to replace your car tires?

After How Many Miles Do You Need to Replace Your Vehicle Tires?

Another critical fact to know about your car’s tires is when they should be replaced instead of rotated. It’s best to have your tires changed after five years of use, but if you’re unsure about when to change them, you should contact our service professionals for an appointment. Even if your tires are under 5 years old, other components such as potholes, low air pressure, and weather can weaken your tires and make an earlier replacement required. Also when changing tires for certain drivetrains, it’s best to purchase at least two tires so each axle is balanced and not lopsided. In cars with AWD, it is usually recommended that all 4 tires are changed simultaneously.

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Where to Get Lexus Tire Rotation In Santa Fe NM?

Lexus of Santa Fe invites you to schedule your next Lexus tire rotation in Santa Fe, NM. Our certified service specialists are standing by to handle all your service, maintenance, or repair needs. Visit us in-person or schedule your Lexus auto service online.

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