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Symptoms Of A Malfunctioning Oxygen Sensor

symptoms of a malfunctioning oxygen sensor

Lexus of Santa Fe can help you identify the symptoms of a malfunctioning oxygen sensor.

With all the unique sensors a vehicle uses daily, perhaps one of the most vital sensors is the O2 sensor, which is required for a car to drive at its very best. With all of the exhaust gases any car creates, it’s important to have a piece of technology that knows the oxygen levels produced in the exhaust gases. The O2 sensor plays a crucial part to play in tracking a vehicle’s O2 amount to make sure the engine is correctly burning its fuel. A functional oxygen sensor will be an important cog for a consistent running vehicle. Still, a bad oxygen sensor can probably cause bad smells from your vehicle, poor fuel efficiency, and a poorly running powertrain. Here we’ll go deeper into things to look for when driving your vehicle that could be easy-to-see signs of a poorly-working O2 sensor.

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What Are The Issues A Bad O2 Sensor May Cause?

A Failing O2 Sensor Can Cause Issues, What Are They?

Whenever you’re riding on the road and smell something rotten from your car, this can be a crucial sign that your oxygen sensor is failing. If you ever begin to keep track of any negative differences from bad engine performance, engine misfires, or loud noises, that could be a symptom of your oxygen sensor potentially having problems. A severe problem a deteriorating oxygen sensor might cause is a sudden catalytic converter failure, which will likely cost you a lot of money to replace and may put your vehicle in the shop for a bit.

What Causes An O2 Sensor To Fail?

My Vehicle’s Oxygen Sensor Is Bad, What Happened?

Like many different parts of a car, O2 sensors can wear down after lots of usage and begin to go bad. But if you don’t pay attention, a bad oxygen sensor can begin to show major issues all over your vehicle. A build-up of contaminated coolant or oil ash can cause an O2 sensor to fail, so your choice in gas or oil is incredibly important. Because of its placement in a vehicle, it’s better that you bring your car to our trained mechanics to get it looked at or get an OEM oxygen sensor replacement.

Is It Possible To Drive My Car If It Has A Bad Oxygen Sensor?

If The O2 Sensor Goes Bad, Is It Okay To Drive My Vehicle?

We advise against driving with a failed O2 sensor as the powertrain is not running on the right gas mixture. Though it might perform fine in the beginning, if the powertrain is running rich and over-using its fuel it could end up clogging the catalytic converter. Looking at the cost to replace oxygen sensors is a lot less than buying a catalytic converter, it’s better to make this investment earlier. Also, if your car is more than 15 years old or has over 60,000 miles on the road you should consider getting new oxygen sensors for optimal performance and lower pollution.

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