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Oil Change In Santa Fe NM

Lexus of Santa Fe proudly services all vehicle makes and models. We are committed to providing our customers with reliable and trustworthy service that is always backed by expertise. Schedule your next oil change in Santa Fe, NM, today. Our certified technicians look forward to serving you.

The Importance of Routine Oil Changes

No matter if you are an automotive enthusiast or only need something reliable to get to work, your car is indispensable. ​To guarantee that your car is ready when you are, periodic maintenance is necessary. Quite possibly, the most meaningful routine maintenance item is oil changes. Your car’s engine might not only lose performance but could also get damaged or destroyed in some extreme cases without regular oil changes.

Clean Oil Makes for Superior Performance

Periodic oil changes will help protect your engine and give superior performance, no matter if you have a brand-new vehicle or a one-of-a-kind classic. Engines get HOT and fresh oil works better at decreasing those high temps than used oil. A smoother, cleaner running motor will not only provide more power but may also raise the fuel economy of your vehicle AND reduce emissions. Maybe even more important, a motor that’s routinely cared for will last longer. Periodic oil changes help remove dirt and debris from the motor, giving it the best opportunity at extended life. An additional bonus is that when the technician is under your car they could find something that requires your consideration so a repair is made before it leaves you stranded.

Not Every Oil Change is Equal

There was a time when your only decision during oil changes was selecting the oil weight (5W-30, etc.). Now drivers have the choice of synthetic oil, a synthetic blend of motor oil, or regular motor oil. Additionally, there are also new oil classes to choose from, such as Diesel Oil, Racing Oil, and High Mileage formulas. With so many choices it may be challenging to decide which is the ideal option for your car. Talk with our technicians and they will help you determine the ideal oil because what your classic weekend cruiser needs is quite different from a brand-new hybrid. Regardless of what you drive, our technicians are ready to help.

The Benefits of Routine Oil Changes

Lexus Oil Change Santa Fe NM

Lexus Oil Change Santa Fe NM

Lexus of Santa Fe is your one-stop shop for all your Lexus repair and service needs. Schedule your next Lexus oil change in Santa Fe, NM, today. Sí, se habla español.

Oil Change In Santa Fe NM | Lexus of Santa Fe

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