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Where is Lexus Made?

2023 Lexus RX


Whether you’ve been a Lexus owner for a while or you’re considering purchasing a Lexus for your Los Alamos drives, you may be wondering, “Where are Lexus cars made? Are the Lexus ES made in the same plant as the Lexus RX?” As Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus shares manufacturing plants, most of which are in Japan and others in Canada and the United States. Learn more about the Lexus manufacturing plants below.

Where are the Lexus Manufacturing Plants?

Lexus currently has five manufacturing facilities worldwide and the following chart shows what models are assembled where for the United States market:

Lexus Plants

Lexus Models
Georgetown (Kentucky, USA)

Cambridge Ont (Ontario, Canada)

RX, RX Hybrid
Motomachi (Aichi, Japan)

GS, GS Hybrid, GS F
Tahara (Aichi, Japan)

LS, LS Hybrid, IS, GX, LX, RC, RC F
Kyushu (Fukuoka, Japan)

ES, ES Hybrid, IS, RX, CT Hybrid, NX, NX Hybrid, UX

More Facts on Lexus Manufacturing Plants

In addition to the specific models being carefully crafted at specific plants, each of these locations also have unique details that you can learn about below:

Georgetown (Kentucky, USA)

$360 million has been invested in the Lexus plant in Georgetown, Kentucky, United States to work on the production of the ES.

Cambridge Ont (Ontario, Canada)

Another North American plant, located in Ontario, Canada, has been building the RX since 2003 and has won six J.D. Power and Associates Gold Plant Quality Awards. In this plant, there is a replica Lexus showroom, where team members heading to the assembly line pass through to remind them of the nature of the vehicle they are building. You can imagine a similar version of Lexus of Santa Fe’s showroom near Taos!

Motomachi (Aichi, Japan)

Motomachi is the second oldest production facility of Toyota and covers an area of 1.6 million square meters. This is also where a hand-selected team of 200 craftsmen built the revolutionary Lexus LFA hypercar.

Tahara (Aichi, Japan)

But what about the first plant? The Toyota Tahara plant is the first and it is renowned as the finest car factory in the world. It was also the first car plant in the industry to introduce a dedicated Customer Satisfaction line, delivering cutting-edge technology and human craftsmanship in the Lexus vehicles that you adore on your Espanola commutes.

Kyushu (Fukuoka, Japan)

Lastly, the Kyushu plant is multi-award-winning and was established in 1991. It is notable for being the first production facility located outside the parent company’s home prefecture of Aichi.

Experience High-End Lexus in Santa Fe

While most Lexus cars are made continents away from you, you can enjoy the final product in the Santa Fe area when you head on over to Lexus of Santa Fe. Schedule a test drive today to see the innovative technology and performance up close and personal!

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