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Keyless Remote Smart Entry

Keyless Remote Smart Entry

What is keyless remote smart entry.

Keyless remote entry systems on a vehicle, sometimes known as passive entry systems, have several perks. The biggest advantage of a keyless entry system is the convenience it provides. Loaded down with groceries? You can still get the trunk open with a wave of your foot, depending on the keyless entry system that is installed in your car. Not to mention, no more struggling to insert the key into the lock, just press a button and go. Another big advantage of keyless entry is the added security it offers. The key has electronics inside that need to be validated by your car before it will start the engine or even allow access to the interior. There are some keyless entry systems that will lock your doors automatically when you walk away from the car. Lastly, there is the fun part of keyless entry, the remote ignition. You’ll feel like a wizard when you press a button on your remote and see your car start.

Keyless vs Passive

Is My Keyless Entry also Passive Entry?

Not all Keyless Entry Systems are passive, but all Passive Entry systems are keyless entry systems. Here’s how it works. Keyless Entry calls for the car owner to push buttons on a key fob to unlock and lock the car and other features like opening the trunk. Passive Keyless is where you can keep your keys in your pocket (or purse) and you touch an area on the car (like a spot on a door) to unlock and lock the doors, or shake your foot to open the trunk. One perk of passive entry systems is that they generally include Keyless Ignition. Keyless Ignition allows drivers to start and drive their vehicle without the key fob ever leaving their pocket.

Is Remote Start the same as Keyless Ignition?

Remote Start vs. Keyless Ignition

Even though they do similar things, Keyless Ignition and Remote Start are not the same things. Keyless Start lets you start and drive your car without the need for a regular key. Remote Start lets you start your car via the key fob or mobile application. Remote Start is useful during extreme temperatures such as very cold or very hot days by letting you start the car and help cool it off during the summer. You will no longer climb into a cold car again, just use the Remote Ignition and warm it up before you leave.

What Makes a Key a Smart Key?

Smart Key Definition

A Smart Key is the electronic part of your key that is used to remotely access a vehicle. The buttons for your Remote Start, Keyless Entry, and other functions are located on the Smart Key itself. The Smart Key then transmits radio signals to your vehicle to unlock the doors, open the trunk, and so on. Some Smart Keys are even part of the security system and will not allow the car to start without them. With so many fun and convenient options available, why wouldn’t you pick a Smart Key System?

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